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Monthly full service washing, home delivery and pickup until you call to cancel.

No Start-Up Fees!


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Up to 70 infant or 55 regular cloth 100% unbleached cotton prefold diapers delivered weekly to your door.
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$33 per week.

Service can be canceled at anytime. 1st month payment is non-refundable. 10% off available for additional child.

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For every friend, family member or Joe on the street that you refer and uses us for 8 weeks we will send you a $20 gift card.

What we do

WASH: We partner with a private local company who washes exclusively for our clients. Our diapers are cleaned and sanitized through a proprietary method to ensure the premier quality for your child.

DELIVER: We deliver clean fresh cloth diapers to you each week. For 6 lbs. – 18 lbs. you receive 70 newborn cloth diapers a week; babies 18- 35 lbs. receive 55 regular cloth diapers a week.

PICKUP: Place your baby’s bag of used diapers out and write on the given card how many clean cloth diapers you still have. We will pick up the used ones and replace them with a fresh bail. You do not have to be home or available.

*Delivery and pickup dates are based on location; we will let you know upon signing up.

**Additional diapers- $2.50 per set of 10 cloth diapers of any size. Add cloth wipes – $0.50 per set of 10 wipes.

What you do

COVERS: You supply your own covers. You can buy them from us or elsewhere. We recommend at least 8, but to be honest once you see all of the wonderful designs and colors you might just find yourself buying one to match an outfit or two (we did).
​You launder the covers yourself. Just toss them in the wash and dry them on low or hang them up to dry. Easy!

EXTRA CLEAN DIAPERS: Keep any extra clean diapers. You will only set out your dirty diapers on pickup days and those will be the ones we sanitize and return the next week.

RUNNING LOW?: If you run low on diapers, just give us a call and let us know.  We understand that a child can have a diaper heavy week and we can work with you. If you find that you are using most or all of your diapers each week you should think about adding on an extra 10 or 20 diapers to your order each week.

WHAT’S THE DEAL WITH DUNKING?: No dunking needed!  Just flip any solids in the toilet (you’re supposed to do this with disposables also) and then toss the diaper in the hamper. If it’s not flip-able then don’t worry about it.

Curious? Schedule a complimentary demo!